Goals and processes

There are two things in life: goals and processes. Goals are the things being desired, and processes are the methods used to obtain them.

Goals require processes, and processes often become goals themselves. An example would be how the ancient Greeks devised a method to measure the land, which became known as “geometry” in later history. “Geometry” is now considered to be a branch of mathematics, and it is an active area of research today. In this case, the initial goal was to measure the land, and the process was what became known as “geometry.”

This is interesting because when a process becomes a goal it requires another process to achieve the new goal. So an initial goal is followed by many processes in this fashion.

One of the primary instincts in humans, and animals in general, is survival. It was probably this survival instinct that served as the intial goal for the ancient humans. In order to survive, they had to eat, and in order to eat, they had to hunt. Hunting became a goal in and of itself, and later became looked on as an art.

What are the goals and processes in your life? If you run a business, do you do it solely to make money, or is there something in the process of making money that you enjoy? Or if you have a hobby, do you do it just because it’s fun, or is there a secondary goal that it helps you to achieve, such as relaxation? Let me know in the comments :]