Our Strengths

Translators with expertise in your field!

We have a proven record in a wide variety of fields, including high technology, international relations, product markets, stock analysis, digital music, and sport.

We only use translators who are native speakers of the output language and who are well versed in the subject concerned.

We also enforce a thorough process of checking and editing that produces highly polished, highly accurate translations that read as well as original literature in the subject in question.

We've got the world covered!

Honyaku Plus has long experience in translation between Japanese and English. We also offer translation to and from Chinese, Arabic, and all major European and East Asian languages. 

We thus cover all the principal languages used in the major economies of the world, as well as the native languages of over 50% of the global population.

The translation process

All translations are thoroughly checked before delivery, and we also offer our clients the option of a final edit as well, to give the final product that extra polish and finesse.

We specialize in translation between Japanese and English, but we offer translation and interpreting in more than 25 different languages. We have an extensive roster of experienced and professional translators, interpreters, checkers and editors at our disposal and are thus equipped to get your message across clearly in today’s globalized business environment.

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With two decades of experience and a list of highly satisfied clients that includes some of Japan’s most prominent companies, we are in an ideal position to assist you.

The hallmarks of a Honyaku Plus translation are accuracy, completeness, attention to detail, and stylistic polish—such that the finished product reads just as smoothly and naturally as an original document in the same language.

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