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The Palace Ride

The Palace Ride involves teams and individuals riding, jogging or walking around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo in relays, so that for 24 hours there is at least one participant circling the Palace.
Mirai no Mori also offers the children who attend the camp on-going, long-term support, which significantly increases the chances of a more favourable outcome in their lives.
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The good, the bad and the ugly—ensuring quality in Japanese‑to‑English translation

In Japan, with its huge Japanese‑to‑English translation market, the caveat that a translator should only translate into his or her own native language goes largely ignored, and a huge volume of Japanese material ends up being translated by native speakers of Japanese—often with dire results. Continue reading

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Bluesilver Event Management

I recently spent a day talking business with Garin Dart, principle at Bluesilver K.K. in Tokyo, and was quite impressed with his business philosophy, which seems to be a simple one: provide great service at a reasonable price, and do … Continue reading

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Riding it out

Though everyone is shaken, either literally or figuratively, the wheels will keep churning. Continue reading

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