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“But that’s what it says in the source text!”

The road to translation hell is paved with slavish adherence to the source text. Continue reading

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What is so special about translation between Japanese and English?

The Japanese translation market and other markets are as different as night and 日. Continue reading

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A bridge too far—how not to manage a large-scale translation project

How should a translation company approach a high-volume project? And what is the most ethical response to a client that insists that it needs an extremely high volume of material translated in an unrealistically short time? Continue reading

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Advertisements reveal a lot about who we are

Management guru Peter Drucker famously wrote, “a business enterprise has two—and only two—basic functions: marketing and innovation.” It’s a great line. It’s an axiom with far reaching implications. It also implies that companies can be differentiated on these two points … Continue reading

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Translation and interpreting—what’s the difference?

A translator works on a written document, reading the content in the source language (e.g. Japanese) and producing the equivalent document in the target language (e.g. English). An interpreter acts as a verbal intermediary between two or more people whose native languages are different. Continue reading

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