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Three Things to Remember when Looking for an Interpreter

Most interpreting requests are for “consecutive” interpreting, where the interpreter listens, then interprets into the other language). The other type of interpreting is “simultaneous” interpreting, where the interpreter listens and speaks simultaneously, so that the client does not have to stop mid-flow. Continue reading

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Interpreting: Why is it so expensive?

this is deep black magic, like juggling flaming chainsaws while blindfolded. Continue reading

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What is the difference between a “translation company” and a “translation agency”?

The term “agency” does have certain pejorative connotations. The term may imply that the agency has no in-house capabilities that are directly relevant to maintaining or improving the quality and accuracy of the translation. Continue reading

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Translation and interpreting—what’s the difference?

A translator works on a written document, reading the content in the source language (e.g. Japanese) and producing the equivalent document in the target language (e.g. English). An interpreter acts as a verbal intermediary between two or more people whose native languages are different. Continue reading

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