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American-born Tokyoite who loves the challenges of doing business in Japan. Other passions include sailing and long-board surfing on the Shonan Coast, barbequing on the balcony, playing classical guitar, playing with his children, and on and on and on. . . .

Do This to Get an Estimate for Translation

To say “no two translations are alike” is an exaggeration, but this is not too far from the truth. Continue reading

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The Client’s Translation Dilemma

The client’s translation dilemma is this: clients generally do not need translation, until they need translation, and then they really need translation, like, NOW. If the client has never used translation services before, they will not know which type of … Continue reading

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“But that’s what it says in the source text!”

The road to translation hell is paved with slavish adherence to the source text. Continue reading

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Interpreting: Why is it so expensive?

this is deep black magic, like juggling flaming chainsaws while blindfolded. Continue reading

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What is so special about translation between Japanese and English?

The Japanese translation market and other markets are as different as night and 日. Continue reading

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The ROI of translation – When is a bad translation good?

A bad translation is good when the quality requirement is low and does not justify the cost of high-quality translation. Continue reading

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Why is there such large variation in the quality delivered by different translation companies?

In many cases, the translation company has never had a high quality standard forced on it by the market, partially because the client typically cannot judge the quality of the product, or the client values low cost over high quality. Continue reading

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Advertisements reveal a lot about who we are

Management guru Peter Drucker famously wrote, “a business enterprise has two—and only two—basic functions: marketing and innovation.” It’s a great line. It’s an axiom with far reaching implications. It also implies that companies can be differentiated on these two points … Continue reading

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How you can save money and time on translation

There used to be only “professional” services out there, but the internet age has made some quick, cheap, and dirty options available as well. Find out what is what here! Continue reading

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The ideal client

This list was the companion list to the Ideal Subcontractor list and was written about translation consumers, the people who order work to translation agencies like Honyaku Plus. The ideal client – Pays a fair rate (and as high as … Continue reading

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